Drama Masks

The REMO Players - Boeing Boeing (1970)

Drama masks

I remember there being seven doors on this set, and continuity had to be spot on.
As one of Bernard's girlfriends left the stage another one came on through one of the other doors.


Jackie Homfray in Publicity shot

Jackie, Janet and Linda in Publicity shot.

All on stage together

Bernard, a successful Parisian architect, juggles three flight attendant fiancées: an American woman (Janet), a French woman (Jaqueline) and a German woman (Judith). He tracks their airlines' timetables, and his long-suffering housekeeper, Bertha, reluctantly resets the menus and bedroom decor depending on the arrivals and departures. Bernard has been successful at convincing each woman that she is the only one.

Bernard's old school friend Robert arrives unexpectedly, and Bernard proudly explains to his wide-eyed visitor how he makes his busy romantic schedule run smoothly. Unfortunately for Bernard, a new, faster Boeing jet has been introduced, changing the timetable. Weather delays occur, and complications arise when the women's behaviour does not match Bernard's careful planning.

Robert steps in to help Bernard by keeping one or more of the women busy as they arrive ahead of (or behind) schedule. It becomes more and more difficult for Bernard, Bertha and Robert to keep the women separate once they all arrive, and the lies told become more and more difficult to reconcile. Bertha becomes exhausted and threatens to quit.

The Cast

Played by


..Mike Neil

Bertha, Bernards Maid

..Liz (Linda) Sadler

Robert, Bernards friend

..Dave Mobley

Janet, an Air Hostess

..Jacqui Homfray

Jacqueline, an Air Hostess

..Janet Moulton

Judith, an Air Hostess

..Linda Cotterill



Produced by Walter Jones
Stage Manager Dennis Whitmore
Lighting Tony Pettet
Sound FX Bob Tame
Decor Les Thompson
Properties Kate Powell, Susan Falle
Continuity Anne Turner, Lewis Roberts
Wardrobe Mary Doughty
Stage Assistants Val Macness, Janet Banks
Set Construction The Company
Publicity Dave Mobley
Photographs Doug Cresswell
Front of House Ron Willcocks