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A list of the people I remember being in the REMO players, and a few other ex-members who have contacted me with details of when they were there. Sadly a few are no longer with us, I wonder where the others are now?

Let me know if I got any wrong or missed any out. It was a long time ago:

Before my time, early 60's members included: Pat Cooper, Pat Hancock, Terence Saunders-Fern, Mike Bradshaw, Ray Griffiths, Harry Delany, Harry Homer, John Ward, Norma McGinty, Wendy Holmes, Eileen Westwood, Jean Brettell, Laurence Swain, Jim Bodley, Leslie Thompson, Michael Adkinson, Janet Foster, Susan Pulker, Paula Moore, Michael Hall, Carol Guest, Alison Husunndee, John Clewett, Linda Savage, Gillian Sharratt
Gillian Bannister
I heard from Gill's Son Martin recently. with the sad news that his mom passed away on 16th June 2023 aged 90. In the process of going through old pictures he found a number showing her in REMO productions - including the attached which is marked "as Mercia Sparkes in Sit Down A Minute Adrian, March 1955". Gill was a friend of Mike Bradshaw. R.I.P Gill.
Laurence Foster Member from 1960 to 1966, went to Birmingham Theatre School, has been professional actor director since then, moved to Eire, was head of Radio Drama at Irish National Radio Station RTE for 8 years. Laurence has now written his autobiography, click here for details
Walter Jones He introduced Glynis and I to REMO from the St Peters Church Drama Group, but left Wolverhampton to work in Montgomery.
Norman Bishop Made his Debut in 1965 on Lighting. Always found rather 'Strange' plays to produce, usually quite interesting.
Janet Moulton I remember her playing the Glamourous American in "The Hollow" in 1969 which was the last production I saw from the audience before I joined the Society.
Dave Mobley Regular REMO actor, was an ambulance driver, also took bit parts in BBC and ATV productions. Sadly Dave has passed away on October 1st 2022.
Linda Croston (Nee. Cotterill) Linda was also involved with Bilston Operatic Society as she had a good singing voice, and was occasionally an extra in 'Crossroads'.

Now living near Nottingham, still directing, acting and performing in 2022. Has done some professional acting work and voiceovers for commercials.

Tony Pettit Another recruit from St Peters Drama Group, Tony was a chemical engineer but as he worked for the Central Electricity Generating Board he was usually our Lighting expert. He also appeared in numerous plays.

Dennis Whitmore Stage Manager for Little Women, the play that won the 'Best Set' award in 1970. Also appeared on Stage on many occasions. (And as 'Best Man' at my Wedding! )
Steve Brindley
Friend and schoolmate of Dennis Whitmore, he married another Member Elaine Hill, leaving REMO when they moved to Hull with his job.

Elaine Hill Elaine married Steve Brindley, and left the players to bring up her two daughters, moving with Steve to Hull where sadly she died in 1998 aged just 48.

Eileen Sowden  

Jacqui Homfray (nee Meredith) Husband Allan was also involved, performing 'front of house' duties and eventually persuaded onto the stage.

Lewis Roberts Trader Horn in 'Rain'. A rather 'camp' Sheriff of Nottingham in 'Robin Hood'. (Sadly passed away in 2008)
Val Mackness  

Iris Westwood Performed in and produced many plays and married Ron Wilcocks.Sadly she died in August 2006
Ron Wilcocks Was a member and Chairman for many years, sadly he died in 2003.
Paul Davies. Member from 1971 to 2002. This must be almost a record (31 years).  
Will Morgan Once spent 30 minutes lying on a box in front of the Tabs on Stage before the play even started. (The Italian Girl)
Janet Hore Married Paul Davies, also remained a member of Remo until 2002.

I was saddened to hear that Janet passed away in her sleep in December 2017 aged just 66.

Pat Cohen Joined from St Peters Drama Group, recruited by Walter Jones

Floss Cotterill Linda Croston's Mum, very good with a teapot, also went on stage at least twice. (in 'Rain' & 'Pygmalion'). Sadly Floss passed away in August 2009 at the age of 93.
Mike Neil  Always known as 'Gudgeon' after playing a character of this name in the 1969 production of 'The Hollow'.
Steve Kirby Steve joined REMO during the 1970s and remained with the society into the 1980's. He won the Best Actor Award from the Wolverhampton Drama Federation for his performance as 'Billy' in "Billy Liar" and was nominated again for his portrayal of 'Otto' in "The diary of Anne Frank". Steves wife, Jane, also became a Member around this time.

I have recently regained contact with Steve this year (2020) thanks to Pete Hall.

Bob Burrows A menber through the 70's and 80s as was his wife Sally.
June Lowe Was only with the group for a short while, played Beth in Little Women.
Bob Dalton Seen on the "When we are married" photo

Janet Lavender Was brave enough to remove all her clothes on Stage, in 'The Italian Girl'. Jan recruited Peter Hall into the group and eventually married him. They were both then involved in a number of plays until around 1995. They retired to the Isle of Mull in 1999 and sadly Janet passed away in September 2019. Peter is still living on the Isle of Mull.
Mary Hartley Only bringing her sister Abigail along for a Panto but was persuaded to join the group for a number of years.

Doug Cresswell Actor, also Producer of 'Rain', the play that won the Wolverhampton and District Drama Federation Award for Best Play in 1971.

Alan Hepworth Now in Australia and recently retired. Alan is in centre of 'When we are married' picture below.

Jayne Smith Joined the group as Jayne Smith but married Alan Hepworth. Moved to Luxembourg, where she acted and did set design for the New World Theatre group. Moved with Alan to Oz in 1985, and did a bit of theatre work in Sydney for a few years, before moving to Melbourne in 1990 - hasn't done much drama since but is a singer in "Willin Wimmin" a-cappella choir (blues, spiritual, folk, activist - around the world), which she says is great fun.

Kate Parton (Nee Powell) Was mainly a backstage worker, I can't recall her being in any plays. Kate was very artistic and was usually involved in the set design and painting.

Shirley Pitchford Can be seen in some of the "Italian Girl" pictures. (1976)
Julie Rollason Played Sleeping Beauty in one of our early Pantomimes, Now lives in Wales.
Linda Sadler Workmate of Glynis, Lived in Wombourne, was the Maid in 'Boeing Boeing'and a native in 'Rain'
Glynis Evans Married Bob Tame in 1971, still involved in Drama now with the Toads in Torquay. Click on name for Glynis's Web site

Mary Doughty Friend of Janet Moulton, tended to work backstage, especially good at making costumes.
Janet Banks Usually helped out backstage. Now living near Bristol.

Barbara Goodwin, Joined from St Peters Drama Group, recruited by Walter Jones

Lilian Bancroft  
Chris Morgan Another one of the unsung heros who worked backstage, Contacted me this year(2017), glad to hear that her and husband Will are still enjoying life.
Jon Tame Cousin of Bob Tame. Appeared on Stage in a number of Plays and Pantomimes. Was also a rock and roll DJ known as Mr Rusty
Bob Tame Thats me, usually did sound FX or Lighting or Stage Manager between 1969 (Picnic) and 1979 when I left Wolverhampton, only took to the stage for 'Pygmalion' and 'Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood'. Click on name to see my own web site.
Jonathan Bradford Usually took the role of Stage Manager, joined from St Peters. Left fairly soon after I joined in 1969, went to work away from W'ton, something to do with Aeroplanes I believe.
Sue & Bill Adey Sue is on 'When we are Married' picture below, Sue's husband Bill was also a member who helped backstage.
Peter Hall Peter joined in 1985 after meeting Jan Lavender, and he was involved in a number of plays. He moved in with Janet Lavender and married her in 1992. They left REMO around 1995 and retired to the Isle of Mull in 1999. Peter has kindly supplied me with some information on the 1980s and 90's plays and I have added these to to the list of plays on the 'plays' page of this site. Peter still keeps in touch with Will Morgan and Steve Kirby
Some other members during the 1980's and 1990's include Janet Barrett, Sally Freeman, Steve Rowbotham, Roy & Marian Walden, Nick Webb, Keith and Tress Gater and Bob Hopkins. Joining in 1990's, Cathy Brady, Mark Rigby, Laura Mitchell.
Children, involved in Panto's (I think these were all children at the time) Including: Sheena Bishop, Susan Mobley, Dianne Rollason, Dorothy Tame, Mary Tame, Abigail Hartley, Sarah Punter, Alicia Webb, Amanda Dainty, Carol Walters, Louise Holloway, Sally Pettit

REMO Players from the early 60's and before who I can't identify

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