REMO Players - Pygmalion

Performed in Autumn 1973 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the REMO players

Photo - Copyright Express and Star, Wolverhampton, permission to reproduce photo here has been requested.

From left to right: Lindsay Moulton, Floss Cotterill, Barbara Goodwin, Glynis Tame, Linda Cresswell, Janet Davies, Mark Griffin, Julie Rollason

REMO Players - Pygmalion

Produced by Iris Willcocks.

Cast, in order of appearance....

Miss Eynsford Hill (Clara)

Jacqueline Homfray

Mrs. Eynsford Hill

Janet Molton

A Bystander

Glynis Tame


Michael Neal

Eliza Doolittle

Linda Cresswell

Col. Pickering

Norman Bishop

Professor Higgins

Dave Mobley

A Sarcastic Bystander

Barbara Goodwin

A Taxi-man

Doug Cresswell

A Passer-by

Michael Bradshaw

Mrs. Pearce

Sue Adey

Mr. Doolittle

Doug Cresswell

Mrs. Higgins

Jayne Smith

The Parlourmaid

Mary Whitmore


Michael Neal


Dennis Whitmore


Will Morgan

Ambassador's Wife

Janet Molton

Crowd Scenes by

Members of the REMO Players

Backstage Crew

Stage Manager Dennis Whitmore
Lighting Tony Pettet
Lighting assistant Janet Banks
Music/Sound FX Paul Davies
Decor Kate Powell/Michael Neal
Wardrobe Mary Doughty/Janet Hore
Continuity Margaret Cooper/Julie Rollason
Properties Eileen Sowden, Chris Morgan
Stage assistants William Adey, Chris Egerton, Mary Whitmore, Robert Dalton,
Floss Cotterill, Will Morgan, Mark GRiffin, Michael Bradshaw
Publicity Manager Dave Mobley
House Manager Ronald Willcocks
Set Builders The REMO Players

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