George Albert Tame

George Albert Tame was the eldest of 4 boys, born to George Henry and Amelia Anne Tame, in Wolverhampton on December 20th 1919.

He has a brother Charles born 9/2/1921 and twin brothers Kenneth and Albert born 17/12/1922.

The family all lived in a small house in Powell Street, Wolverhampton and the boys are seen here outside 19 Powell Street in an early photograph.

George is on the left, then Ken and Albert (twins) with Charles on the right.

Born and brought up in Wolverhampton, George has rarely strayed far from home except during the war when he travelled extensively around Western Europe serving with R.E.M.E. He is seen here (left middle) in a Brussels Cafe with wartime colleagues.

It was during the war, while stationed in Warrington, that George met Margarita Proom at a dance, and they were later to get married in 1942 in Wolverhampton.

George and Charles in uniform.

Apart from the War years, George's entire working life was spent at Wm. Butler's Springfield Brewery, now no longer open.

In 1942 he married Margarita Proom and most of the rest of the history of George Tame and his family can be found on Margarita's life story page.

George had 4 children:-

In 2003 George and his three brothers got together to celebrate the 80th Birthday of the twins, Ken and Albert.