North Yorkshire 2004

A 'fun' weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, continuing after we left the pub..

Everyone is now refreshed and marching along

Stop for a quick rest and a bite to eat

'Matador' Peter in Action

And now all the cows want to play !

An easy bit of road 

We'd better stop here we've lost a few people

Still Waiting

One guess why she has her hood up - Yes it's Raining..

And its getting steeper

But look at the view

Now everyone else has disappeared and its raining much more - help! (Camera had to go away here due to the rain)

Back at the Bunkhouse preparing the barbecue- Look at the concentration on those faces.

 Barbecue Time!



Watching the Sausages burning ? The girls demonstrate the hand jive.


But it's all too much for Mark ! Goodnight!


Well that was fun, where shall we go next year?

Somewhere flatter, drier and shorter please!

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This walking weekend is the fourth in a series for ntl personnel and friends, which was the idea of Paul Smith.

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