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WVx xxx.

5th November, 1991.

Dear xxxxxx

W.M.G.S. Old Pupils' Association

I am writing to all the known ex pupils of the Wolverhampton Municipal Grammar (Secondary) School of roughly the time of the Headmastership of the late Mr. S. T. Baker, to inform them of the work of the Steering Committee that is investigating the possibilities of the formation of an Old Pupils' Association.

A very successful reunion was held in June this year at the Goldthorn Hotel, and the next morning an exhibition of memorabilia was held at the old school. All this was the brainchild of Mr. Lionel Wernick, and it went so well that it is hoped that an Old Pupils' Association will be formed on a permanent basis. A Steering Committee chaired by Mr. Joe Wernick is investigating the possibilities of this.

Lionel wrote to all ex pupils on his mailing list and asked them to contribute £5.00 towards the cost of hiring halls and postage etc. sixty eight people have so far contributed, and I would ask you if you are interested in sending me a cheque for £5.00 made payable to the "W.M.G.S. Old Pupils' Association."

We are holding another get together on Saturday 13th June, 1992 at the Wolverhampton Masonic Club, 211 Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton, and there will be a meeting on the following morning when it is hoped that an official constitution and set of officials can be decided on, if that is the wish of the meeting.

If you do know of any old pupils who may be interested and their addresses, I would be pleased to have the information. Please let me know the years you were at school, and with ladies their maiden name please.

Thanking you in anticipation. I am,

Yours sincerely,



K. Jones.


Or at least I though that was the beginning of the O.P.A. until recently, but I have now found out it was merely a re-incarnation of an organisation that had been going for many years, earlier in the life of the school, but which had somehow faded away.

In the Winter 1948 School Magazine I found the Old Pupils' Pages -

Written by the Secretary of the OLD SECONDRIANS' ASSOCIATION - Mr H B Foxton.

By the Spring 1950 issue the association had been renamed as the W.M.G.S. Old Pupils' Association and the annual subscription was 5/-.

I may try to add articles from these magazines from time to time.

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