Hi Bob, You probably won’t remember me but I think I may be one of your missing members of 5A. I was part of the 1958 intake but proved to be extremely lazy & rebellious. I was kindly allowed a second chance by joining 5A and retaking my “O” levels at the same time as you and your year. I think, therefore, that I may well be the “Timothy Scott” in your list.

I think that this probably presented me with some difficulty in maintaining contact as I was split between two years. However, I stayed in contact with some from both years and still travel to Wolverhampton to visit my dentist (Roger Williams at Bilbrook). I stayed in contact with Pat Leaton (an old girl friend) for about 5 years after leaving school and believe that she married into a family who had a shoe shop in Dudley Street. Mary Whittaker, I bumped into in a curry house in Tettenhall Road 20 years ago and she was married to someone who owned a garden centre along the Bridgnorth Road. I was friendly with Jennifer Annelly and her husband, Paul Strickland for some years until we eventually lost contact. They both worked in hospital laboratories and lived at Kingswinford.

Wish I could add more but….. As regards Tim Salt, well I was a rugby fanatic (not very good) and played Second Row for the school colts and then the seconds (and then went down to Castlecroft to play for the fourths there in the afternoon!

I was probably best known for practical jokes and was regularly in detention. My father was Percy W. Salt the butcher and his twin brother was an old boy who had been taught by Maggie Mountain. Jim was a very good jazz pianist and, I understand, was the instigator of Joe Loss being associated with the school. Certainly he chased Jim to play for him for several years. Jim, however, was very cautious and although he presented a regular jazz program for BBC radio, continued to follow his chosen career as a municipal accountant, eventually becoming treasurer of the City of Liverpool for the last ten years or so of his life.

I married in 1972 and lived in & around Wolves for several years before moving to Bedford in 1988.