1.The name of the Society shall be "THE R.E.M.O. PLAYERS".

2. Objects of the Society are:-

To promote an interest in Drama:

Amongst the Society members.

In the Community.

To encourage "Team Spirit" amongst the Society members.

3.The Financial Year of the Society shall run from the 1st May to 30th April. There shall be an Annual General Meeting held as soon after the close of the Financial Year as possible—in any event not later than the end of May.

4. (a) Membership of the Society shall be open to all whose application has been approved by the Committee (see following Rule). There is a weekly subscription of 5p. N.B.—Members will pay their subscriptions irrespective of attendance. It is pointed out that extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Committee.

(b) Members of the Society shall not receive payments direct or indirect for their services or for other than legitimate expenses incurred in its work.

5. (a) The management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee to be annually re-elected. The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall be present at each meeting, the Chairman to have the casting vote in the event of a division.

(b) The Committee shall have the power to request the presence of any member of the Society at any time in the course of a meeting, should the occasion arise.

6. (a) The Producer shall be responsible tor the choice of play on his election as Producer, but other suggestions for suitable plays will always be welcomed from any member.

(b)The final casting of all plays shall be entirely in the hands of the Producer, whose word shall be absolutely final.

7.The Producer shall have the power to substitute any player's part for continual non-attendance at rehearsals.

8. Members will provide their own wardrobe, except in the case where period costumes and wigs are to be worn. These will be paid for by the Society.

9. No member of the Society shall be allowed to interfere with the stage setting or electric lighting system in any shape or form. Any suggestions will be forwarded via the producer.

10. The production of the plays shall be entirely in the hands of the producer, whose word shall be final in all matters relating to the production.

11. No performer or member of back-stage staff shall be allowed to enter the auditorium on the nights of the public performances.

12. (a) All officers of the Society shall automatically come up for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) A producer will be elected by members of the Society.

(c) Members of less than six months' standing shall not be eligible for election as honorary officers of the Society or for election as members of the General Committee.

13. The Treasurer shall be authorised to bank all monies received by the Society, and make payments on behalf of the Society. Withdrawal notes to be countersigned by the Vice Chairman,

14. The accounts shall be summarised and put before the Annual General Meeting each year by the Treasurer. The accounts can be inspected by any member.

15. The Rules shall only be modified at the Annual General Meeting or at a special meeting convened for that purpose.

16. Any member whose subscriptions are overdue two calendar months shall be notified by the Hon. Secretary. Should the subscription not be paid within one month from the date of notification the member shall cease to be a member of the Society Application for re-admittance shall be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary.

17. Members wishing to resign from the Society shall give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary and until such notice is given will be responsible for all due subscriptions.

18. An extraordinary general meeting may be called by the Committee or by the request in writing to the Hon. Secretary of at least 8 members, stating fully the objects for which the meeting is called.

19. Rehearsals shall commence at 6.45 p.m on any evenings mutually agreed between the producer and the members of the Society.

20. Each member, on joining the Society, shall serve one month's probationary period, after which they shall receive a copy of the Society's Rules. On not less than a two thirds majority vote of the Committee the Society may require the resignation of any member against whom allegations of conduct harmful to the Society are substantiated.

21. "Applications from prospective members should first be made in writing to the Secretary, who will pass forward for Committee's approval."