Seven Sisters 2006

A 'fun' weekend in Sussex

The plan this year was to do a walk that crosses the Seven Sisters a range of cliffs on the East Sussex coastline. Details of the walk can be found by clicking here

Accommodation was in Blackboys Youth Hostel which we hired for the weekend, located in the middle of a wood.

  We all met up at the Hostel on Friday Night
for a meal (Steve and Josie's Chilli) and a
bevy or two (Crate of Wine and some beer)

Here we are catching up on the twelve months
since we last met.

Linda and Pete chilling out on Friday Night

Hostel is set in woodland, weather is so good
we eat breakfast outside.

Bacon Butties of course!

The walk starts at Seven Sisters Country Park

off we go  

Onto the beach

 What do you mean - that's just the first of
the seven sisters ?


We' re gaining Height some nice views from here.


On top of first 'Sister' only Six more to go!
Nice views from up here, once you're up that is!
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This walking weekend is the sixth in a series for ntl personnel and friends, which were the idea of Paul Smith an active member of the Rockingham Forest Walking Group