I am quite a keen photographer, and although some of my photo's don't come out how I want, I do get pictures I like from time to time. Having used a number of different 35mm SLR cameras in the past, I switched to Digital in 2002 with a Fuji S304 Digital Camera.

Since then I have used a Fuji S5800 Digital camera and now use a Sony A57 DSLR or a Panasonic Lumix FZ82.

There are links here to various Photography pages I have created, and work is ongoing to add to these. Also at the bottom of the page are links to the photo pages of some of my photographer friends, some of whom would be pleased to take on paid assignments

My Photo blog site Snowdon
(Walking weekend - June 2002)
Llangrannog, Wales North East England Harlech 2004
Steam Trains Pen-Y-Fan, Walking weekend
(June 2003)
Animals (my 'Facebook' album) Misc 1 Misc 2
Hawaii South West UK 2006 More Devon Pics, from my 'Facebook' album North Yorkshire
(Walking weekend, June 2004)
(Walking weekend, June 2005)
More devon Pics from Facebook South Devon Devon Air Shows, from my 'Facebook' album Italy 2009 Recent photos placed on facebook

My Photostream at

A photo website I am slowly creating at, (although I am not sure I like the Wix editor and may delete the site)

One of my current favorite pictures is of Snowdon Mountain Railway, taken as I was walking back down from the summit, which I had just walked up to. (well it's only three thousand, five hundred and sixty feet high).

Tiger Another of my current favorite pictures is of a tiger taken at Dartmoor Wildlife Park. He has a beautiful enclosure at this Park, but not all animals are so lucky.

Save animals from Cruelty:  Visit the International fund for Animal Welfare site

This pair were our first cat and dog called Gem and Heidi sharing a bowl of milk when Heidi was still a puppy.

Heidi was a Geman Shepherd Dog who's Kennel Name was "Timbervale November News" - She was given this name after featuring in the BBC Local News Program 'Midlands Today' in November 1972 because of her unusual blue colouring. Tom Coyne looked suitably nervous when surrounded by 12 Alsations.

  The Coalmine made it into a top 100 photos at a Kodak presentation where there were over 700 entries.

This is our Cat, Dylan, taken when he was a mischeivous kitten. 

Sadly he became ill at the age of 6 and had to be put down)

See Williams painting of this cat on William's paintings page.

Well this is a Web Page !  

 The rather strange colours in this picture are because it was photographed using infra- red colour film, which makes green objects look red and red objects yellow.

Digitally  Processed

   Still life !  

More Photos

I have a number of friends who are photographers so there are links to their pages here:

Ron Collins (Paignton)

Carlo Bragnagnolo (Marldon)

Brian Tilley

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