Bob's WMGS Photo Gallery

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Rugby Colts
Rugby Junior XV 1961-62

Rugby Junior team
Rugby - Colts XV 1962-63

Cricket Team
Junior Cricket team

1st XV 1963-64

Cricket Team - date unknown

Cricket team around 1960

Cricket Team - date unknown

2nd XV 64-65
2nd XV 1964-65

1st XV 1965-66

Hockey team - Picture from Jean Terry (nee Arblaster)

Hockey team
1961 Hockey team

Hockey team - Picture from Jean Terry (nee Arblaster)

Junior Rugby 1963-64 - Picture from Malcolm Costley

Cricket team 58/59?
1958/59 Cricket Team

Cricket Team (late 50's)

Rugby Team C1960 - Picture from Bob Draper

The 1964 WMGS Relay team

The Long Jump

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