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Welcome to Bob's Muni Web site

I am now rebuilding this page, but during the process parts of the page may not display properly. I apologise but it needs to be done as I find time.

I have lost a lot of my contact email addresses of the 1959 intake, if any of you still read this can you email me to update your details, thank you. Email to Bob Tame

The Old Pupils Association closed down in October 2022 due to illness and a lack of volunteers for the committee posts, which left the association unable to function. The OPA web page has now been taken off line.
I will continue to keep information updated on my own site (this one), especially for pupils from my era (Late 50's early 60's) if I get any new information. I will expand my memories page with any memories sent by others, as and when I can find the time.

There is an interesting article about the history of the school building and its inhabitants at this website. (Burslem Bandit)

News & Recent contacts.

November 2023

I was advised that former president of the OPA Lionel Wernick passed away recently aged 95. RIP Lionel.

September 2023 (3)

I received news of the passing of a former pupil when I saw this post on Facebook from my Classmate, Mike Potter:

It is with deep regret that I have to say that my great friend Bob Evans (59-66) had a massive heart attack and died on 21st September 2023. I’m sure many of you on this fb site will remember him. His funeral will be held in Devon where he now lives. R.I.P.

September 2023 (2)

I received news of the passing of a former pupil and OPA committee member, from Jim Griffiths.

Good afternoon Bob, My name is Jim Griffiths and I was a pupil from 1945 to 1950. I am mailing you to advise that Brenda Bates (Nee Brenda Round) has passed away and her funeral is in 6th October 2023 at Telford Crematorium at 11.30 hrs. Brenda was for many years a member of the OPA and served on the Committee for many of them.

September 2023 (1)

I have had an email from Brian Freeman,a pupil from 1947 to 1954 which contained an article entitled Disjointed Memories. I have added the article to the memories page, some of my older readers will recognise names and events mentioned in the article. I certainly did. Brian has now also sent me the 1950 and 1953 School Photos, which I have now added to the site.

August 2023

A lot of people who remembered being taught by Mr Stanley N Solomons were saddened to hear that he passed away on August 2nd 2023. Our private Facebook group was full of messages from pupils who appreciated being taught by him. Our condolences go to his family, including his son, former WMGS pupil, David Solomons.

February 2023

Gill Attwood (formerly Southwick/Willcox) - former pupil and teacher. It is with sadness I have to advise you of the passing of Gill on 26th January 2023.
Gill’s funeral is on Friday 24th February at 2.15 pm at West Chapel, Bushbury Crem. She will be sadly missed by those who knew her. Friends are welcome to attend the service.

January 2023

Happy new year to everyone. I have now uploaded almost all of Steve Brazier's memories from his schooldays between 1958 and 1965 (overlapping my own time there by a year at each end). These have alll appeared in OPA newsletters over the last few years.
I am now adding any pictures we can find to the memories, which can all be accessed from the 'memories' page of this site.

December 14th 2022

Steve Brazier, from the 1958 intake, has been writing articles for publication in the Old Pupils Newsletter for a number of years. Since the Old Pupils association has now folded, he thought they might be of interest to anyone who visits this site, so I have started to add them. You can access then via the Memories Page

December 6th 2022

£500 from the OPA funds has been donated to the Newhampton Arts centre. who now occupy the school buildings, for which they are very grateful as their central funding was cut as the local authority tries to save money.

The remainder of the money in the OPA funds after settling all bills was presented on behalf of the association, to the Birch Thompson Memorial Fund at the Todd Miller and The Joe Loss Band dance (as shown in picture), by Gill Banks.

Cheque presentation

November 29th 2022

Steye Haynes tells me the 1967 year group are growing larger as they track down more of them, and they have had a number of reunions over the years. They have a facebook site here.

April 6th 2020

Jane Gummer nee Stevens attended Municipal Grammar School (in the 1963 intake in Drake House) would love to find some of her old friends.

January 26th 2019

I recently received a contact message through the OPA web site from Margaret Lyndon, Nee Nichols, identifying a few pupils on the 1963 photo on this site. I have put her message underneath the photo for anyone from that era to look at.

March 6th 2018

I created a new website for members of the Old Pupils association, with the help of the current chairman Mac McCurry, the address of the new site is This is now in the process of being shut down.

October 2017

Gloria Powell (as she was at School) is still hoping to regain contact with Josie Forrest, one of her good friends from school who now lives in Spain. She sent a nice picture of them from a few years ago, Gloria is the one on the left and now lives in Australia. They had fun with their hair in the 1960's.


Apri 14th 2017

I have been informed that one of my Peers from the 1959 Intake, Philip Smith died earlier this year and his funeral was in February at his church (The church of the Latter Day Saints) in Beverley, Yorkshire. RIP Phil.

Apri 13th 2017

The open day was a success with over 80 ex-pupils attending, I will add more about the day when time permits.

March 15th 2017

Don't forget the next event is an open day at the Old School Building on Saturday April 8th between 2:30 and 4:30pm. It would be helpful if you could advise my Sister, Dorothy Bennett, by emailing [email protected] to advise if you intend to go. There will be some memorabilia on site and it is hoped that the on site Cafe will also be open for light refreshments

February 24th 2017

Email from Mark Lloydbottom (1964 intake)

I was a 1964 intake -York House. Like so many others who feature on the site retirement beckons. WMGS did a great job -so many truly great characters on staff. I see you have my website on the page -maybe you could update this as below. I spend my time giving management advice to accounting firms -a truly rewarding endeavour

Click here or see list at bottom of page.

February 9th 2017

Steve Corbett, one of the last intake to WMGS during the move to Colton Hills, gave me another name to add to the famous ex-pupils list on this page. Howard Raymond Davies, a pupil at the school when it was known as the Higher School was a two times winner of the Isle of Man TT races. I have added the details at the bottom of this page. Steve's interest in Howard? Steve is editor for the Marston Sunbeam Motorcycle Club's quarterly journal - those fabulous black and gold machines made in Wolverhampton from 1912-37.

January 18th 2017

I regret having to announce the passing of Rachael Hayhoe, (Baroness Rachael Heyhoe Flint OBE) a popular former PE teacher at WMGS in early 1960's before going on to become England Ladies Cricket Captain for many years, also a lifelong Wolves fan, former Director and current Club Vice President.

Rachael passed away in the early hours of this morning at the age of 77 after a short illness

You can read more at Wolves FC

November 30th, 2016

You may be interested to hear that there will be an open day at the School Building on Sat 8th April, 2017, 2.30-4.30pm.

November 30th, 2016

On Saturday 26 November 2016, 53 members were at the Old Pupils Association Christmas lunch held at the Mercure Goldthorn Hotel. This enjoyable social occasion included a superb performance given by the Good Company choir and their repertoire included the late Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, a madrigal, a Beatles medley and, of course, festive music. (Reported by Mac McCurry)

October, 2016

Following the cut of funding last year, a bunch of people who use and appreciate the Newhampton Arts Centre (Current users of the school buildings) have got themselves together to form an Ideas and Action group, with the aim of offering ongoing practical help. They call themselves the NACtivists. (Reported by Dorothy Bennett.)

September 28th, 2016

Hi all, this is an advance notice of the chance to visit the old school, look at some memorabilia and hopefully meet up with a few old classmates. The date is Sat 8th April, 2017, 2.30-4.30. More details will follow nearer the time.

August 1st 2016

I note that the 1957 Intake have arranged a re-union at the Dog and Gun, Tettenhall on Friday 12th August 2016 at 12:30, all 1957 intake welcome to attend.

April 19th 2016

I have received an email from David Gough, who was in my class at the school from 1960 to 64. He has recently retired and would like to get back in touch with old colleagues from the school. David is well represented on the web site as he appears in many of the Rugby and Cricket teams from his time at the school. If you want to get in touch with David, email me and I will pass it on.

April 7th 2016

I have received a request from Mr S J Clark, husband of the late Joan Clark, nee Eyre. Joan was at the School from about 1951 to 57 but sadly died on March 1st 2016 with Cancer.

Mr Clark writes:- I know that my late wife went on a school visit to Elsinore around the middle of the 1950’s, if anyone has a photograph(s) from that school visit or any period of my late wife at the school I will be eternally grateful. I have numerous family photographs but not any from her school days.


SJ Clark

if anyone has any pictures please let me know and I will pass on details of how to get them to Mr Clark.

December 3rd 2015

I have archived news prior to 2016 on to another page at Click Here for Archived news from 2005 to 2015

About Me.

I was a pupil at WMGS (The Muni) from 1959 (1C) to 1964.(5B).
I was in 'Drake' House (is that why I now play bowls?)

My three sisters were also there as follows:-

Rosemary Tame 1961-68,  Dorothy Tame 1968-75 and  Mary Tame 1972-77.

1964 Production of "HMS Pinafore" (Photo supplied by Roger King)

Howard Bampfield send a story about a funny incident during a performance of this production, (Or was it during Pirates of Penzance?) see my Memories page.

HMS Pinafore - 1964

There is a photo of the school on the site at the end of this link, Click here to see it.

Click on the link to read some more Memories of the Muni from Myself and others.

My last School report - Click on it to read it.         Bob's last school report

(1959 intake) (if you can help with more names from the 1959 intake please email me)

If names do not match faces, remember it was 60 years ago when I left!

Class 5B 1964

Most of the Boys

Where are they now?

Do you know?

The Girls

(I can't remember all the girls)

Where are they  now?

Tony Blake Blake

Sadly 'Ant' as he was generally called at School passed away in August 2012 in Leicestershire

Brenda Allerton Newport, Shropshire

Mike Body Mike Body


Jennifer Annely

Denby (I don't know which Denby, I'm hoping to find out soon)

Bill Griffiths Bill Griffiths

Minehead, Somerset 

Pru Bishton Market Drayton

David Gough


Stephanie Collins  

Ian Gutridge Gutridge


Carol Croyden


Ian Hemsley Hemsley

Ian sadly passed away on Jan 7th 2011.

Louise ??  

Alan Jones   Alan Jones

Berkeley, Gloucestershire

Ruth Davies  

Haydn JonesHaydon Jones

Reading, Berkshire 

Lyn James W'ton 

David McSorley Dave McSorley

Near Cannock Gail Pritchard  

Barry Philips Barry Philips

Left at earliest opportunity to join the Army, could be anywhere, was a good friend at School. Lesley Simmonds Mold, Clwyd, Wales

Mike PotterMike Potter

Nantwich, Cheshire Gloria Tomlinson  

Phil SmithPhil Smith

Beverley, Yorkshire. Sadly Phil passed away in 2017 Lesley Watkins  Sicily

Bob Tame Bob Tame

Marldon, nr Paignton, South Devon. (Owner of this Website) Mary Whittaker  Codsall

Phil Ward
Philip Ward

Now near Penzance in Cornwall, previously in Southampton. Anita Maiden  

I'm sure there was one more boy !!

  Josie Forrest

Susan Forrester

Valerie Turner

Glennis January

Josie is now living in Spain, Susan is now Susan Harris living in Codsall, Glennis has recently joined the facebook group

I also have the full list for Class 5A in 1964 supplied by Gloria Roome (nee Powell) and on that page I have started to add any other names that anyone recalls from the other classes in our year.

Famous ex-muni people:(Very short list at present)

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