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I like most types of music so long as it has a beat I can tap along to. Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Pop.

'Palm FM' (105.5) is a Radio Station I listen to when I'm out and about around Torbay in my car.

WCRM.FM is a Wolverhampton Community Radio Station you can also listen to on the internet

My Cousin Jon is a Rock and Roll DJ, click here to check out his website at

Being a 60's teenager I like 60's music but I also like 70's, 80's and 90's music. I'm not sure if anything from this millennium is worth a mention yet.    If you're as old as me and had a TV in the 50's you'll remember this program (video clip)

A concert I went to a while ago was The Manfreds a 60's group who's early work was pure R&B but who went pop for chart success, while still managing to play the R&B as well. (or better even!). They were brilliant.

Paul Jones the Manfreds front man also tours with The Blues Band, recently celebrating their 25th anniversary with a number of Concerts. We got to see them live at the Leisure Centre Market, Harborough on March 27th. They are well worth watching, and do acoustic and electric sets on this tour.

Blues music is timeless and one of my favorite blues Artists is John Mayall who I saw on May 15th 2000 in Northampton (I last saw him in 1967 at Wolverhampton Civic Hall) together with Peter Green - (Peter Green left  John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and founded Fleetwood Mac when they were a real blues group)

They were both back on tour in 2002 and arrived in Northampton on November 2nd. On this occasion John Mayall's Bluesbreakers were brilliant, so if you can get to see them then do so.

Update 2004 - been to see John Mayall again this year - brilliant as always, and did a set containing some of his classic tunes, had Special Guest Mick Taylor, who was with him for many years before joining the Rolling Stones.

Support group this time was "Chicken Shack" another 60's blues band that I thought was defunct. How wrong could I be, Stan Webb, the original lead guitarist had a three piece accompaniment and was brilliant, even better that I remember them in the 60's when I saw them a few times in Midlands Venues such as Stoke and Wolverhampton.

Update April 2011 - Chicken Shack were live at Paignton Palace Theatre on April 30th at 7:30 pm, but unfortunately I think Stan had downed a few beers before he started and I think it took the edge off their performance, as it was not as good as the 2005 with John Mayall one.

John Mayall Official Web Site                                                             Peter Green Links  1 and 2

I once saw 'Chuck Berry' and he was brilliant live, and 'The Who' which is probably why I an now partially deaf in one ear!


Link - The Who in Wolverhampton (1973)

Update 22/10/2002:- Just seen Chuck Berry Live again and he's still brilliant - can't believe he had his 76th birthday last week!

Chuck Berry Ticket Concert ticket

I also like Santana , The Rolling StonesEric Clapton ( who was with John Mayall in the 60's) and many other's who I will add when I find suitable links to their sites.

Here's some interesting guitar work from a site I found by accident while browsing. I know nothing about the owner other than whats on his site, but some of the music sounds ok if you like that kind of thing.


Update Jan 2005: Thanks to winning a Classic Gold phone in competition last week, I won two tickets to see Tony Hadley (Ex Spandau Ballet) and Martin Fry, with ABC, two well known 80's bands. This was the second of a long run of shows, and we really enjoyed it, and recommend it.

Update, April 2009

Went to see a cover band ; Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, if you like Fleetwood Mac then this band is worth a view. Check out their web site at



Update 2014: John Mayall brought a band to Torquay as part of his 80th birthday celebrations, He's retired the 'bluesbreakers' name and to be quite honest the band he has now are not as good as any bluesbreakers that I've seen.

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