Here are a few more photographs of Remo and ex- REMO Players, more will follow if I can find any.


This was a reunion of some of the players in 2006

Paul Davies, Tony Pettet, Mike Neil, Janet Moulton, Will Morgan, Jane Hepworth, Janet Davies, Chris Morgan

Trevor and Paul change for a swim on
Aberystwyth Trip during 1970's

Bob Dalton, Dorothy Tame, Janet Banks and unknown lady (Friend of Mike Neil?) on the Cliff Railway at Aberystwyth.

Paul Davies, Tony Pettet (almost hidden), Mike Neil, Janet Moulton, Alan & Jane Hepworth, Janet Davies, Bob Dalton, Chris Morgan

Tony Pettet tries out his costume as Mr March, Little Women 1970.

Tony and Janet Moulton at a Social event in the 1970's

Dave Mobley unearthed this Picture, and thinks it is Linda.
Does anyone know what she is doing?

Laurence Foster - Dickens in Dublin, 2009

The Hollow

The Hollow

Fresh Fields

White Sheep of the family


Lewis Roberts and Dave Mobley.

Posthorn Gallop Rehearsals

Posthorn Gallop Rehearsals

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