Walking weekends.

A few years ago we were lucky enough to be invited to join a group of work colleagues from ntl, ntl suppliers and their friends, on a walking (and drinking) weekend which we would plan as we went along. This was so successful that we made it an annual event for the next few years as follows:

2001 Ben Nevis - I was not involved with this one which was apparently quite a difficult event due to adverse weather

2002 Snowdon - Next tallest mountain after Ben Nevis, so a logical choice for the second year. Accomodation was in B& B so we were spread around Llanberis but joined up for the Friday night arrival meeting, the walk and a meal later that day

2003 Pen Y Fan - Highest Peak in the Brecon Beacons. We stayed in a bunkhouse in the middle of nowhere, catering for ourselves after a trip to the nearest supermarket.

2004 Coverdale Moor, Yorkshire. Again we found a bunkhouse, in the middle of nowhere, attached to a farm. Turned out to be quite a long walk estimated at between 12-15 miles which pushed some of us less fit ones to the limit.

2005 Dartmoor. Based in accommodation in Princetown attached to a pub, this was always going to be popular.

2006 Seven Sisters, on the Sussex coast.

2007 Other commitments stopped us organising anything this year, but we are hoping to do a walk in Derbyshire next year.

2008 Glynis and I had just moved to Devon and were busy entertaining family and friends for most of the summer

2009 At the moment there is no sign of a revival of the walk, everyone is otherwise engaged, but we may get together again one day I hope.

No one usually admits to organising these weekends, claiming that they 'just happen', but the regular walker behind the idea is Paul Smith, a member of the Rockingham Forest walkers. Everyone else who goes on the weekends usually contributes in some way, either organising the accommodation, the food ,the walk itself or or other essential ingredients that make these weekends such a success, which is why we kept on doing them.

I tried to record the events in Pictures, some of which are to be found on the pages linked below: