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"Life is a performance for which I had no chance to rehearse"

Glynis's main hobby is amateur dramatics and her web space is used to promote this hobby.

Recent News:

April 2019 Glynis has been Asistant Stage Manager for the TOADS play 'Trap for a lonely man' which ran from April 13th to April 20th.

January 2019 Glynis has recently finished performing in the Teignmouth Players Panto 'Aladdin'. (December 27th 2018 to Jan 5th 2019).

August 2018 Glynis was helping backstage at the TOADS Old Tyme Music Hall from August 5th to 11th 2018 followed by the TOADS play "It could be any one of us" with performance dates from 3rd to 15th September 2018.

January 2018 Glynis appeared in the Marldon 2018 Panto, Dick Whittington, in which she played the part of Fairy Bow Bells.

2017 Glynis was involved backstage in the TOADS production "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" in October 2017.

2017 Bob is currently contructing a new website which will be available here soon

Glynis's dramatic life:-

Glynis has been a member of the following drama groups:

  • St Peters Players, Wolverhampton.
  • REMO Players, Wolverhampton.
  • Stone Little Theatre - (Stone,  Staffordshire)
  • She was Secretary, Chairman and a regular performer and producer  with Duston Players, Northampton until our move to Devon in 2008.
  • Since moving to South Devon in 2008, Glynis has joined TOADS Theatre Company, Shiphay Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS) and TOADS Stage Musical Company and has performed for all of these groups.

    In April 2001 Glynis was on Anglia TV's 'Crimenight' Program when she helped with the re-construction of an armed robbery at a Post Office.

Glynis would be interested in taking up Acting, Film Extra or Voiceover work, within reasonable travelling distance of Paignton, Devon. If you can offer such work please contact Glynis by email.

Email address is

Glynis likes tigers and has adopted one at this site

Glynis also likes Cats so here's a silly cat site and a ordinary cat site (with loads of Cat info and pictures).

Here is our current cat, Morgan (a family name - named after Glynis's great Grandfather Morgan Morgan). Here's an early picture of Morgan taken in August 2004:-

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Past Life.

Before moving to Devon, Glynis was involved in a large number of Duston Players productions in Northampton.

Early in 2005 she was in the thriller "The price to pay " in which she played the part of Carol, seen here being threatened by a kidnapper.

In November 2005 Glynis appeared in " Blackadder " taking two parts:

"The Wise Woman"

who Blackadder turned to
for advice
when he fell in love with "Bob"

"Lady Whiteadder"

from whom Blackadder
was hoping to get an inheritance

Some of the other parts played by Glynis include:-
the American widow, 'Mildred' in
'The Cemetary Club, 'Helga in 'Allo Allo'
Mrs Smith in 'Run for your Wife', 'A Baddie' in a pantomime, A Spirit in
'Ladies of Spirit'

Mildred Helga      
  • In April 2007 Glynis was the Policewoman in Blood Money where she was heard at the door but never came onstage. Glynis was also Stage manager for this production.

  • In November 2007 Glynis was also heard but not seen as she did not audition for a part in Country Wife. We were hoping to sell our house and move to Devon, but were still here when she agreed to be the Prompter, and was kept busy as the cast found the script of this restoration comedy to be quite a challenge.

  • Finally, in March 2008, Glynis had the part of a 'batty' medium in her last production with Duston Players, a comedy entitled "Late of This address", after which we moved to Devon - Who says type-casting does not happen!

Glynis has been Producer for a number of Duston Players productions, including Are You Being Served, Little Women and Baggy.

Devon Life

Since moving to Devon, Glynis has appeared on Stage in the "SADS" production of "1984" in October 2008, the "TOADS" production of Katherine Howard in December 2008 and she was in the SADS production of Robinson Crusoe in January 2009, their 2010 Panto (Jack and the Beanstalk) and as Katherine in Jekyll & Hyde. Glynis was also the Assistant director for the 2009 Shiphay Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS) production, entitled "Love Me Slender".

Her most recent appearance with SADS was in the Pantomime Snow White in January 2014, and her appearances with TOADS include August 2010 as a Guest at Fawlty Towers.

In May 2011 she was in Black Widow, (her first speaking part with TOADS) and in August 2011 another three episodes of Fawlty Towers.

She has also worked backstage on a number of TOADS productions including "The Graduate", "Dial M for Murder" &"Sylvia"

Glynis started 2013 as a revolting peasant in A Tale of two Cities" and was then the Director for TOADS June 2013 production - 'Holiday Snap'.

She was backstage providing props for "The Haunting" which ran from the 9th November to 16th November 2013 and after getting the appropriate paperwork sorted she was Chaperone to the Children in the TOADS production of Railway Children.

Glynis started 2014 in the chorus for the SADS Pantomime, Snow White, was then seen performing in the TOADS play Double Cut (10th to 17th May 2014) and the TOADS Stage Musical Production of "Sister Act", from June 24th to 28th at the Princess Theatre Torquay. She followed this with a performance in the TOADS play "The Hound of The Baskervilles" on stage from 8th September to 20th September for which she got a good review from the local newspaper

Many of the following photographs from TOADS and TOADS Stage Musical Productions are the copyright of Brian Tilley, a freelance photographer and TOADS member. If you are interested in his work, would like to purchase high resolution copies of any of the photos or hire him for a photo session then please visit his website at


Glynis (Mrs Yardley) checks out of Fawlty Towers.(TOADS)


Glynis (Mrs Waring) studying the menu for dinner at Fawlty Towers


Glynis as she appeared in Katherine Howard. (TOADS)


Publicity photo for Robinson Crusoe. (SADS)


Glynis as Katherine Jekyll. (SADS)


Glynis with her "Children" (SADS)

More of Glynis's dramatic performances can be seen in her gallery click here to view


The SADS and the TOADS are Amateur Drama Groups in Torquay, does Musicals (as the name suggests). If you are interested in joining or would like to find out more about them then visit their web sites for more details.

The Duston Players are an Amateur Drama Group in Northampton, if you are interested in joining or would like to find out more about them, please contact them by email.


If you have a general interest in amateur theatre click here to find the amateur theatre network homepage which lists groups and productions from all around the UK.


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