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This website has been created by Bob Tame. The construction of the site was started in 2003 and gets updated when I receive new information and am not working on my other sites. I was a member from 1969 to 1979 so most of this page is related to that period.

The REMO ( Railway Executive Managers Office) players were a Wolverhampton Based Amateur Dramatic Society, founded in 1948 and affilliated to the Wolverhampton and District Drama Federation.

You can email Bob at or visit my other Websites at www.tameclan.me.uk

I was recruited as a REMO member by Walter Jones, having been involved with the St Peters Church Players which he led.

If any ex Members have any pictures or memories they want to share or see displayed, please send me copies.

In 1993 the group merged with the Phoenix Players to become The REMO - Phoenix Players. The new name doesn't really flow off the tongue but survived an attempt to change it again at an EGM in 1993.

News and Updates:

July 2023

I heard this month from a Martin Sharratt, to advise that his mother Gill Sharratt (Gill Banister) was a member of the REMO Players in the 1950's, who has sadly died recently aged 90. She wasn't on my list of early REMO players so I have now added her, with details of one of the productions she was in.

December 2022

An alternative site I am constructing in case my own domain expires. (it may take a while to finish)

November 2022

Some bad news, I'm afraid. I have been advised by Laurence Foster that former member Dave Mobley passed away on Saturday 1st October after a short illness. He had been suffering from emphysema for some years but lately had a series of falls and contracted pneumonia. R.I.P. Dave. In addition to being a member of the REMO players Dave also took a number of roles on TV, and some pictures of him in these Roles can be seen here
Dave's Funeral Service was held on 16th November 2022 and the link below is to a film shown at the service, with Dave in a number of roles, including TV shows such as Doctors, Doctor Who, The Bill, Coronation Street and a few others. Film made for funeral service

December 2020

I have heard from Steve Kirby, who joined the players when I was there and was still with them when I left in 1979. Steve has advised me of two more of the plays that the group did in the 1980's which I will add to the list. "Billy Liar" and the "Diary of Anne Frank" were the plays. Steve played 'Billy' in Billy Liar and won the Wolverhampton Drama Federation best actor award, no mean feat when so many plays were adjudicated for the federation each year. He was also nominated for his portrayal of 'Otto' (Anne's Father) in the other play, but didn't win this time. Well done Steve and thanks for the information.

November 2020

Matt Jeavons emailed, telling me he is the son of Pat Jeavons, nee Cohen who joined REMO from St Peters Drama group at about the same time as I did. He was asking what plays Pat had been involved in, but I can only find her listed in the cast of the 1972 and 1973 Pantomimes. If you know of any more plays she was involved with please let me know. Meanwhile I have send him a higher resolution copy of the picture of Pat which is on the Players page of this website

For Matt I found out this picture taken at 1966 or 67 St Peters Drama Group Christmas Party, showing Walter Jones, Barbara Goodwin, Glynis Evans (now Tame) Myself (Bob Tame), an unknown friend of Glynis, and in the red dress, Pat Cohen.

On the front Row, Elaine Hill (later Brindley) her boyfriend at the time (Clive?) and Rose Tame, the only one of my three sisters not to get involved with any REMO productions.

Walter, Barbara, Glynis, Myself, Pat and Elaine were all members of REMO at some time.

Photo by me.

March 2020

Peter Hall has sent me some information on the plays produced in the 1980's and early 1990's which I have now added on the 'Plays' page of this site.

March 2020

Photo by Doug Cresswell.

I regret to say I have more sad news, this time about a former member, Janet Hall, nee Lavender, who joined the group while I was there.

Her husband, Peter Hall, has found this page and has recently emailed me. He moved in with Janet in the late 1980s and they married in 1992. They were involved with several REMO productions, like "Underground", "Fur coat and no knickers", "Children's day" and "Abigail's Party" to name a few and he says he loved it.

He also told me that Jan appeared on TV in The Brothers, Angels and Play for today, She was unable to get an equity card at the time otherwise her life might have been quite different.

They left REMO around 1995 and retired in 1999 to the Isle of Mull in Scotland.

He says "We have been extremely happy here, but I lost Jan in September last year. I was devastated and still am. I am in touch still with Will and Chris Morgan and Steve and Jane Kirby."

He says they became avid birdwatchers after leaving REMO and he is now a wildlife tour operator on Mull.

Feb 2020

Sorry not to have any updates for a while but I have not heard from any REMO players for a while, apart from Dave Mobley who still keeps in touch from time to time.

July 2018

Just to prove I'm still here, I found this picture when tidying under the bed the other day, Glynis and the late Tony Pettit at rehearsals for Separate Tables.

Tony and Glynis

December 2017

>Sad and unexpected news from Paul Davies that his wife Janet passed away in her sleep on Thursday 14th December 2017, aged just 66 years. Both Paul and Janet were active members of REMO for many years, from the early 1970's right up to the millenium.

Janet's Funeral Service is to be held at Bushbury Crematorium, East Chapel on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 2.30pm. Family flowers only please. Donations, if desired, made payable to Cats Protection. No formal clothes required.

Enquiries to CO-OPERATIVE FUNERALCARE, Stone Cross, Penkridge. 01785 712245.

December 2017

On Christmas Eve 2017 on BBC4 a program entitled, The Signalman was repeated on BBC, Dave Mobley was in the cast of this program.


I have had copies of the 'Boeing Boeing' and 'Rain' programs from Linda Cotterill and have updated those pages accordingly.

Sadly I also heard from the family of Liz (Linda) Sadler, who was in these two plays, that she passed away in March 2011.

May 2017

Dave Mobley advised me of the sad news that his wife Doris was diagnosed in February 2017 with Pancreatic Cancer. By the time this was diagnosed it had spread to her liver and lungs rendering it untreatable. Doris was taken into New Cross Hospital on Good Friday, 14th April 2017 and passed away just 4 days later on Tuesday 18th April. Doris and David had been happily married for 57 years.

Doris's funeral was on Monday May 8th, first at Stafford Crematorium at 10am and then at St Chads Church in Chadsmoor for an 11am memorial service.

January 2017

Having become friends on Facebook with Will and Chris Morgan, I see that Will is still busy entertaining, with a group known as the 'Elderly Brothers' as well as frequent appearances at Brewood Folk Club.

November 2014

Updates from earlier this year regarding Dave Mobley and Lawrence Foster:

Laurence Foster reports "Just heard that I got the small part of Sir Denys Mallister (a senior Baron) in Game of Thrones. He features strongly in one of the books' original chapters, but is periferal in this adaptation. One week stay in Belfast for two days shooting. Took four auditions to get that.

He continues "I have had two days on Vikings so far, including two scenes with Roman Polanski's daughter, Morgane. The filming is extremely intense, when there are extras involved, and when they are, there are 150 of them! Yesterday morning was more enjoyable - just the King and me and the General Odo (before the extras arrived.) I have two more scenes next Friday with Travis Femmel (big Hollywood star, seemingly) and then in October I have two very dramatic scenes. Most of my lines are in old Latin and Old French, so quite difficult to learn.

I also finished off an independent horror movie, last week, as a Detective Inspector- two nice long scenes so will be happy with all that for the foreseeable.

Dave Mobley has been in two episodes of 'Doctors' on the BBC this year, and in a program entitled 'Marvellous' which was on BBC2, based on the true story of Neil Baldwin, a character from Stoke on Trent who had learning difficulties but overcame them with positive thinking.

May 20th 2014

Update from Dave Mobley: I have just returned from Tony`s funeral at Albrighton. I picked up Gudge (Mike Neil) and Bob Dalton, and Will Morgan and his wife joined us at the church. Surprisingly it was a very joyful occasion with quite a few laughs as Tony`s sons and daughters all stood up to share with us their memories of Tony as both a father and a husband. His older daughter read out to us excerpts from letters that Tony wrote to his wife to be shortly before their wedding and they were very moving. I think that we all learned things about Tony that we never knew, I know that I certainly did. We all gathered at a local pub for food and drink and lots of conversation, it has been a day to remember.

I can only add: Rest in Peace, Tony Pettet, 1928-2014

Tony Pettit

May 12th 2014

Paul Davies and my Sister Dorothy both advised me of sad news in the Express and Star newspaper last Friday, announcing the death of Tony Pettet. He died on the 5th May and his funeral is on the 20th May at a church in Donnington, Albrighton. Paul and Janet, and Will and Chris Morgan had kept in touch but had not heard from him in the past couple of years. They used to get Christmas cards, but were not sure where he has been living recently. We do not know if he moved to a care home in the Albrighton area or he was living with one of his children prior to his death. RIP Tony Pettet

Tony Pettit

September 2013

I remember Linda Cotterill having a good singing voice and being involved with Bilston Operatic group as well as REMO, I believe this is her in the Photo at the end of the link.

Click here to see Bilston Operatic Group at the Grand Theatre

May 2013

EX REMO Players

At the concert raising Funds for the Air Ambulance, Glynis and I meet up with Jon Tame and Will Morgan, two ex-members of REMO. We had not seen Will since 1979, so it was good to see he is still in the entertainment business (see video at Youtube ) Also in the Picture are my Sisters, Dorothy, also ex Remo, and Rose, who didn't join REMO but was the person who introduced us to St Peters Group players from where we were recruited to REMO.

April 2013

Jon Tame and Will Morgan, two ex-members of REMO, are appearing in a concert next month fund raising for The West Midlands Air Ambulance, which was used to take Jon's wife Sue to Hospital after she sustained severe injuries after being hit by a car. Sue is now slowly recovering, but would probably not be here today were it not for the Air Ambulance.


July 2012

in July 2012 Glynis and I met up with Dave Mobley and his wife Doris, also there was my Sister Mary and her husband. Dave, Mary, Glynis and Myself were all in the 1972 REMO Production of Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood.

Meeting Dave Mobley

May 2012

I note that Ex REMO player Will Morgan is playing at Brewood Music Festival on the same day as the Manfreds.

Ex REMO Player Dave Mobley is embarking on a holiday that involves Trains (to Venice), Boats (Venice to Corfu and back) and planes, back to UK. We hope he has a good trip.

November 2011

I recently received an email from an ex REMO player, Terry Saunders Fern, which I have reproduced below.

Terry Saunders Fern

Hi Bob I recently typed my name into ‘Google’ just to make sure that I hadn’t passed away and came across your ‘Remo player’ site. Must admit I was quite taken aback to see a picture of myself which must have been taken when I was about 15/16. My name is Terry Saunders-Fern and I spent many happy years with the Remo players in the early sixties. Your web site bought back very happy memories of those halcyon days. I was introduced to the society by my mother Hazel (who sadly passed away some 5 years ago) and worked for British rail in those days. I was taught to play table tennis by Ron Wilcocks and Laurie Foster and I used to do a very accurate impersonation of Walter Jones shouting ‘When you’ve finished with your cups take them back to the tea bar’ I seem to recall that Laurie and I also used to do a double act of Pete and Dud in the Sir Tatton and Sykes after rehearsals. Another former member, Jim Bodley and myself took ourselves off and hitch-hiked across France and Spain for a few months in the early sixties. I believe Jim later went on to Israel. On my return to the UK I went to work at Butlins in Skegness and made my career with the company eventually moving to Bognor Regis head office where I remained until 2001. I have now retired and live in Nottinghamshire near Retford. It was such a wonderful trip down memory lane to see all those pictures of the wonderful people from my past especially the lovely Jackie Humphrey, Pat Cooper and Janet Moulton. And who could ever forget the vivacious Pat Hancock. I think your unidentified photo number 22 is that of Lawrence Swain. I hope you will publish this on the web site and I would love to hear from any old friends from those days. My email is: Terry Saunders Fern

I have attached a more recent photo just to show that I have not changed one jot! Regards T J W Saunders-Fern

May 2011

Charles Dickens published a series of articles on Dublin in 1853 in his magazine 'Household Words'. Here, former REMO player and renowned theatre actor Laurence Foster brings alive an article on The Coombe in a Dickensian style (based on Dicken's performance style). Click here to view it.

December 2010

I have added details of the 1976 Play - "Rumpelstiltskin", with photos from Doug Cresswell. Check it out via The Plays button above.

November 2010

As a result of an email from Paul Davies, I have added details of the 1979 Play - "The man most likely to". check it out via The Plays button above.

September 2010

I have started to rebuild the site to include more details on individual plays which will include cast and crew and photos where possible, while I am doing this some links may ocassionally fail or lead to incomplete pages. Please advise if you have any problems accessing or viewing these pages.

August 2010

I have receved another collection of Photographs which I will be adding to the page when I have the time. I may have to change the layout slightly to accommodate them all, so please be patient, as I am going on holiday first.

May 31 2010

I was really pleased to greet Kate Parton (Kate Powell) and husband Dave, after 31 years since we last saw them when they called at our house in Paignton today.
Kate and Dave Parton Kate and Dave Parton
Dave, Kate, Glynis and Bob in Paignton 2010 Kate, Dave, Glynis and Bob in Paignton 2010
Glynis with Dave Parton Kate with Bob Tame
Glynis and Dave 1970's Kate and Bob 1970's Party

May 2010

I have put a page of photos of REMO players that I don't know (or can't remember) on the site. If anyone can help to ID them then please email me.

I still have quite a few photos of plays to sort out and I may get more soon from another ex member.

March 2010

Dave Mobley sent me a whole box of Photos, to be sorted. There are quite a few un-identified persons which I have put on the site anyway, so if anyone can help please email me. The players list now includes photos for a lot of the players, apologies for the gaps.

January 2010

Dave Mobley un-earthed a Photo from Robin Hood, which I am on. I have added it in the list of plays below.

December 2009

December 15th 2009 .... Today would have been the 60th Birthday of ex REMO Player Elaine Brindley (nee Hill), had she not died in 1998 at the early age of 49 after contracting breast cancer. RIP Elaine, a good friend.

Elaine Brindley, nee Hill Elaine Brindley, nee Hill

Linda Croston (Cotterill) tells me that she is in "Red Riding Hood" at the Lace Market Theatre in Nottingham this week, click here for more details.

After doing some readings as Dickens for Walt Disney Studios, Lawrence Foster made an appearance (as Charles Dickens) at the opening of the new Disney Film, "Christmas Carol", in Dublin

I have an update from Dave Mobley, who says "As for myself I am still slogging away.I may have told you that I did a day on "Hustle" on the 11th September last, starring Napoleon Solo himself Mr Robert Vaughan. I thought at the time how nice it was for him to meet me in the flesh. Then on 19th of November I did another little cameo as a Nosy Neighbour and as a Taxi Driver in "Doctors" for the BBC. It`s not much but every little helps and I have just asked my agent to put me forward for a days extra work in a Supermarket Commercial somewhere in Brum on the 14th this month."

November 2009

Jayne Hepworth has updated me on herself and Alan from Australia as follows

quick points:

1) Alan retired last Xmas (600 made redundant, including Alan, but brilliant timing for him, as was retiring anyway; moved manufacturing to Dalian in China) but, worked 3 months in Thailand (May-July)for old E/r(Goodyear), and leaving for China shortly for a few weeks work. I visit at the end for a holiday!

2) Both just returned from tour holiday of Rajasthan in India - 21 days ;totally amazing but very full-on and tiring.

3) Prior to India, our new apartment finally finished in an Old Factory (a big project of appts and town houses)in the inner city. In process of moving there, but keeping our tiny flat/with garden, in Williamstown, for our "holiday home" (as it's so pretty here; only 15 km from city, with beach etc.

4) Alan hopes to play lots of golf after return from China.

5) Coming over to UK for about 3 months @ end April next year - hope go Europe etc. Hope to catch up with some "old" Remo players. (yes Jayne - we're all getting older)

6) I now work 2 days week (keeps brain active) and write poems (sometimes perform them)and stories; sing in Willin Wimin, and hope to return to drawing and painting.

October 2009

Added this month, Publicity Picture for Pygmalion.

September 2009

I have had contact this month from Julie Maurice, she was Julie Rollason when she joined REMO. Julie has press cuttings and photos from Sleeping Beauty and Pygmalion, a Rule book (I particulary liked rule 11, I think it adds professionalism to performances by amateur groups.), and a few memories of other plays and players which I have started to incorporate in the site. Thanks for sharing them with us, Julie.

Cast list for 'Flat Spin' (1976) and Sleeping Beauty (1973) have been added to Site

Remo Rule book (supplied by Julie Maurice - nee Rollason) Click on the cover for details:

I have also heard from Dave Mobley, he has been to Dublin to see Laurence Foster performing his 'Dickens in Dublin' Show. It was the first time in over forty years that these two ex-REMO members had met.

Laurence Foster during his one man show Dave Mobley and his wife meet Laurence after the show

August 2009

Linda Croston contacted me with the sad news that her Mother Floss Cotterill has died after an operation following a fall at her retirement home. Floss was a valued member of REMO for a number of years, appearing on Stage in the Award Winning play "Rain" and also in "Pygmalion". Floss was also our resident teamaker. Our condolences to Linda.

June 2009

Linda Croston (nee Cotterill) has been in a recent musical show in Nottingham entitled Mod Crop Click here for details

June Mcmullen, nee Lowe contacted me to advise she was in Little Women in 1970, but did not stay with REMO very long.

December 2008

Dave Mobley returns to BBC TV, appearing in an Episode of the Doctors set in an old peoples home, where he is attempting to escape from the home.

November 2008

I sent an old photo of Paul Davies to him and in return I got a few from the 2006 reunion mentioned below. Click here for details.

October 2008

Dave Mobley advises me that, after a long break, he has recently returned to acting for the BBC and will soon be seen in an episode of Doctors. (and is available for other work, email me if you wish to contact Dave)

Glynis appeared in a performance of '1984' in October 2008 and 'Katherine Howard' in December 2008 and has been involved backstage with a number of plays this year. Click here for details.

Will Morgan appears to be still performing in Folk Venues, getting rave reviews for recent performances of Jake Thakray songs which may be released on a CD in the new year.

July 2008

I have now moved to Paignton and the web site which was off line during the move, is now back. If anyone has any pictures that could be added to the site then please send them to me.

December 2007

A few more pictures supplied by Dave Mobley and Laurence Foster added below.

November 2006

Recently found - a rare autographed program from the 1972 production of Robin Hood. Click on the cover for details:

September 2006

Email below was received from Jayne Hepworth, who some of you will remember:-


Dear Bob

We were extremely sad and sorry to hear about Iris's death - it has brought up a lot of lovely old memories of good times past, when Alan and I were in Remo - but left to live in Luxembourg back in 1978, and then Sydney Australia in 1985 - moving to Melbourne in 1990.

Iris and Ron were almost surrogate parents to me when I joined Remo when I was 22 and very "green". When I married Alan (1974) it was "marry me, marry my drama group" - so he joined the "family" as a lighting technician, and then trod the boards - culminating in playing "Counselor Helliwell". My most inglorious moment was almost being dropped by  Dougie Cresswell, as Heathcliff, when he had to  stagger up the stairs with "Catherine" in Wuthering Heights - was he ever the same again, I wonder??

We will, all being well, be in UK  in December 2006, and intend to be around Wolverhampton area (staying at Wightwick with my sister) from around 19th Dec until we leave on 29th Dec (my mother is still "going strong" - to be 96 in January - she always loved seeing the plays). Janet Moulton is going to try and arrange a get-together for those interested, which would be great.

Update Nov 2008 - Paul Davies has sent a few pictures from the reunion meeting, Click here to view them

Neither of us do any theatre work any more (not for many years), but I (Jayne) sing in "Willin Wimmin" a-cappella choir (blues, spiritual, folk, activist - around the world), which is great fun, and my little bit of performance art. Our son, Ben, born in Luxembourg, is now 25, and he loved drama at school. As a child, his favourite photo  of Alan was as the king in Rumpelstiltskin (back in the later 70's!).

November 2005 - Dave Mobley has send a bunch of Photos which I have started to add as I scan them in.

October 2005 - Added a few new photos, started list of Plays I was involved with.

May 2005 - Dave Mobley contacted me, he's still in occasional contact with 'Gudge' and reminded me of Jackie's correct name. Theres a picture of Dave in an article about "The Incredible Robert Baldick" a BBC TV program he was in with Robert Hardy at this site

Article is at http://www.the-mausoleum-club.org.uk/Index/Gazette/Incredible%20Robert%20Baldick.pdf

Cast List for "The incredible Robert Baldick." filmed on and around the Severn Valley Railway

Click here to see some of Dave's other TV work.

April 2005 - Contact from Laurence Foster, Member from 1960 to 1966, has been head of Drama for Irish National Radio Station, RTE for a while since then, and is still a professional actor/director.

Nov 2004 - If anyone knows the whereabouts of Doug Cresswell, an old friend of his, called Jeff, would like to contact him.

Sept 2004 - Alan Hepworth emailed from Australia to remind me to add his wife Jayne to the members list. I don't know how I left her off as I had photos of her in REMO Plays.


Wednesfield Road railway goods depot The REMO players rehearsed at a number of venues, one being the old railway goods depot on the Wednesfield Road now demolished to make way for the Royal Mail building.

In addition to two or three plays per year or the occasional Pantomime they would have social events and outings.

After rehearsals many of the players would retire to the local pub (The Sir Tatton Sykes) for a nightcap before going home.

In the 80's they merged with Phoenix Players to become REMO-Phoenix players.

It is my intention to try and add a few names and pictures below as soon as time permits. this will be from when I was involved between 1969 (Picnic) and 1979.

Break in Reheasals

Janet Moulton, Jonathan Bradford, Walter Jones and Mike Neil are on here.

The Importance of being Ernest

Jan Lavender, Iris Wilcocks, Mike Neil and Jayne Hepworth

Watch this space for Pictures. Apologies for the poor quality, but they are taken from my 30 year old Colour transparencies.

Photo from When we are married

Flat Spin (Spring 1976), Pictured are Tony Pettit, Will Morgan, Jayne Smith and Mike Neal

Scene from 'When we are married'

picture of members on day trip Scene from Italian girl

A few of the members pose for a picture on a day trip to Wales

Dave Mobley, Norman Bishop, Val, Mary Doughty, Janet Moulton, Ron Wilcocks, Dorothy Tame (my sister), Kate, Glynis.

Will Morgan and Jayne Smith (Hepworth) in a Scene from 'The Italian Girl'
produced by Norman Bishop

Members with 'best set award' trophy

Remo Players with the Trophy presented by Wolverhampton and District Drama Federation for the "Best Set" Award, unfortunately it is being held upside down!

Glynis Tame (nee Evans)in "Separate Tables" (possibly)
Cast of  1964

Remo Players "Happiest days of your life"

Liz, Floss and Glynis are the natives, in "RAIN"
Laurence Foster in 1965

Laurence Foster in 1965

And in his one man show "Dickens in Dublin" in 2007-2008

Our plays were adjudicated by Mr Steele, a former teacher at the WMGS, click here for more info.

In 1977 Mr Roy Steel - former Adjudicator for the Wolverhampton and District Drama Federation became our president.

End of Page

(Page updated 24th November 2022)